TECHNOLOGY, FIRST AGAIN. 15 years ago Jean Louis Colmas started to develop wood sandwich boards in New Caledonia. Today the rest of the industry has adopted his development in their manufacturing of quality sandwich boards by using wood as reinforcement in high stress areas.
We however use wood in the whole deck and bottom area in our WOOD tech boards to increase strength and rigidity in all areas . The selected 0.6 mm Australian Pine absorbs minimal resin which leads to an especially light laminate.

Jean Louis has over the last 3 years been testing the Dyneema reinforced wood technology in our boards. The results are so remarkable that , that we decided to lead the windsurfing world into a new dimension of construction quality by implementing this innovation as reinforcement in our WOOD technology .

Dyneema is also used as rail reinforcement in our new D-RAM ( Dyneema Reinforced Airex Model) technology.

DYNEEMA is a high performance polyethylene (HPPE) fibre, was developed by the Dutch Chemical Group DSM, and is manufactured by DSM High Performance Fibers. It is produced by a unique gel spinning process where molecules are dis-entangled to enable parallel orientation, giving the fibers its unique properties. Dyneema's strenght and low density makes it one of the world's strongest commercially available fibers.
The strength and relative high elongation to break gives the fiber the ability to absorb a great amount of energy. The Sonic velocity , over 10 km/sec , allows extremely high distribution of energy. DYNEEMA IS USED BY THE US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AS ABSORPTION OF BALLISTIC ENERGY ( bullet proof jackets), and by Starboard to increase the lamination strength of our sandwich construction boards.

Dyneema Reinforced WOOD Sandwich Construction.
DSM has in co-operation with several industrial partners, performed a special research on the combination of wood and Dyneema, and concluded that by using one single reinforcement of Dyneema under wood, a significant improvement of the resistance against high energy impact is reached. We have taken it one step further by developing a combined sandwich construction of 3mm 100kg density Airex, light glass fiber, Dyneema rail reinforcements and 0.6 mm Australian Pine wood, bringing forward the technology of the millennium.

D-RAM, Dyneema Reinforced Airex Model, is a full body Airex Sandwich construction with rails and impact areas reinforced by Dyneema. We also have wood reinforcements under the standing area and in the nose section where the mast may hit.

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