Starboard was founded in 1995, and is a subsidiary of the Natural Corporation registered in
Western Samoa. The commercial head quarters and production facilities are in Thailand . Development centers are situated on the windy islands of New Caledonia and Maui, in cooperation with light wind gear development in the Bay of Siam

Founder :
Svein Rasmussen, the first and only winner of all disciplines in a Production Board World Championship,
4 x world champion, a participant in the first Olympic Games, and 10 years on the world tour.

Mr. Joe Vivatvarin, is the daily manager at the Thai head quartesr.

Designers :
Jean Louis Colmas from New Caledonia, former French and New Caledonian Champion in Div 2, and fun board . Jean Louis is also the father of the wood sandwich technology.

Jim Drake from California , the man who built and sailed the first ever windsurfer. Jim's main projects are the Formula and the Fish. He now also works with Matt Schweitzer on the development of the Friendship, a classic freestyle board. Jim's new low aspect fins the Go 33cm and Formula 40 cm foiled in collaboartion with Curtis Hesselgrave promotes sailing in shallow waters.

Jamie Lever , fresh world cup sailor ,with exceptional design talents. Jamie designed and shaped the W75L and designed the new W52 and W 55. Jamie also co-designed the GO board with Svein.

Svein Rasmussen is involved in all designs work, and also tests every master board before production starts.

Erik Beale , the man who broke the 40 knots speed barriere on a windsurfing board. .Erik and Jim have combined probably the most hydrodynamic /aerodynamics knowledge and experience in our industry .

Scott Mc Kercher, current Production Wave Board World Champion, is one of a few PWA sailors who use production boards. He assist in refinements of our legendary wave board line.

Create renewed interest for windsurfing by exploring trend setting standards in quality , innovation ,construction, design and performance of sailboards.

Product history:
The first wood/sandwich Starboards entering the market in 1995 gave birth to a new standard for light weight sandwich boards. Starboard has remained a technology and design leader. Today most quality brands build their boards with wood reinforcements from Starboard's Australian pine wood supplier.

Starboard technology was voted the best combination of toughness and light weight by American Windsurfer magazine in 1999. Starboard has been winning 3 Production World Championships in 4 years, and now boosts a team of 90 team sailors world wide

Pilot projects:
1. Starboard GO.The GO brings windsurfing to a wider public and is viewed as the "new beginning "of our sport .The Go was voted board of the year by several windsurfing magazines and also won the Canadian championships 1999. The Go class is racing in the North Sea cup, and will this year be the official Junior class in the 20th Siam Cup. Our goal is to develop the worlds first int. one design class , and become the next ISAF official Junior class ,acting as the recruit class for Formula Windsurfing once it gets Olympic status.

2. Breaking the current outright speed world record ( 46 knots ) held by Yelllow Pages . Erik Beale will spend 2 months in the South of france with his new wood /Dyneema speed needles to go beyond 50 knots.

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