Update 10/8/00

Starboard riders win all disciplines and most medals at the 2000 Production Board Worlds.

Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard / Pryde) from Poland won slalom , race, and overall in the 2000 Production Board Worlds at Paros , Greece last week.
Eduardo Bellini (Starboard /Pryde)earlier won the 2000 Formula Windsurfing European Championships in Spain.

Following are the results from the 2000 World championships.

1 . Wojtek Brzozowski Poland Starboard Formula 155/ Pryde
2 . Jamie Lever England Starboard Formula 155/ Gun
3 . Bjoern Rune Jensen Denmark Starboard Formula 155/ Pryde

1 . Wojtek Brzozowski Poland Starboard W 55/ Pryde
2. Arnon Dagan Israel Drops / Gun
3. Alexander Boxill Norway Starboard W55/ Gaastra

1.Wojtek Brzozowski Poland Starboard/ Pryde
2 .Jamie Lever England Starboard/ Gun
3. Arnon Dagan Israel Drops/Gun (Arnon raced Starboard Formula )
4. Gerald Pelleau France Starboard/ Pryde

Wojtek is besides Svein Rasmussen the only sailor in the history of the windsurfing to win all disciplines in the Production Worlds. In 1997 Starboard won the Production board worlds in Australia As the 98 worlds were cancelled and the 99 event did not count slalom has the overall crown been held by Starboard for 4 consecutive years.

Starboards have this season been winning the national events in the following high profile racing countries : Germany, Spain, England, Polen, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia Czeck republik, Argentina. The Sonic boards showed their slalom supremacy in Greece, and the Starboard Formula is now becoming the most winning board design in the history of windsurfing . We congratulate Jim Drake on his brilliant design work and look forward to see how our race team will keep up the good work on our 3 brand new Formula designs for year 2001. The first event where the new designs will meet is in the Formula Windsurfing worlds in Thailand Dec 1-9 .00 Starboard is the official supplier and Neil Pryde the presenter for this event.
There is a certain chance that formula windsurfing is Olympic by the time the racing starts in Pattaya.

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