44 cm, 48 cm, 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm.
Sharp upwind performance blended with higher reaching speed. The cut out at the base of the 56cm and 58 cm is especially shaped to fit the new breed of race boards with wide tails and far aft box position. The cut out prevents ventilation, the most common cause of spin out, as it increases the distance the air needs to travel from the tail end of the board to the base of the fin.

28 cm, 30 cm,32 cm, 34 cm
The narrow cord length to insure maximum speed. The squared fin tip gives extra support and the foil percentage at 10.5 decreases drag.

28 cm, 30 cm,32 cm, 34 cm.
The semi raked outline and rounded tip promotes the best combination of maneuverability, speed and stability.

20 cm, 21cm,22 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm.
Our new wave fins get compliments for their control and “easy to ride” feeling. The wide base provides the power and the thin tip give them that crisp feel.

Professional protection
for your precious board.

Fully foam padded travel bags built strong and equipped with plenty of handles to carry it in any way you want.

Small : Wave 249, 254,259 , Carve 252, 258, Diva
Medium : Free 262, 272, W52, W55,
Large : Carve 264, 276,
X large : W75 Large
Special bags : Fish, Formula, Go
Triple bag

Optional items for GO Board

Side fins, to assist directional stability



Nose pad, to ensure that the board can take the strain from usage in windsurfing clubs and resorts.

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